About us

We are a small business located in Malta. 

Started up during the winter of 2021, and from that day forward we have been growing to the point where an online store is a good way to reach out to more people. 

So who am I who started Angie's Horse Care? 
Well, as you might have figure out from the name of the shop.
My name is Angelica, originally from Sweden but arrived in Malta in 2016. 
I have two horses myself and when I brought my youngster from Sweden I realized there wasn't enough of items of my liking here on the Maltese Islands, so I started up my own shop. 

My original goal was to keep it small and don't sell abroad, BUT there is more and more interest from abroad so I had to think a bit bigger and came to the conclusion that an online shop would be the way to go. 

Please bare with me since it is still under construction the website and I do everything by myself. 


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